Online Physical Therapy

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Always Available. Anywhere you are.

Our online physical therapy platform is always ready for your needs. It’s called Mojo Chat, and it is exclusive to Mojo SportClinic. Mojo Chat is fully online, fully remote, and fully digital. It works for you no matter where you are located. You can create a new case whenever it’s most convenient. The system is silent so you can use it at work, in public, or at home. You can use it while you are on vacation, traveling for work, or for family and friends who live elsewhere.

Mojo Chat

As easy as chat

At Mojo SportClinic we strive to make physical therapy easy to obtain. In keeping with that vision, we have made Mojo Chat simple to use – it’s as easy as using a chat. You simply answer Yes or No questions about where your pain is located, what you are able and not able to do, what the pain feels like, your medical history, and more. Mojo Chat asks all the same questions that our Chief Therapist Jon Duplessis asks when you meet with him in person. Your answers and personal video are bundled together for our physical therapy staff to review as soon as you are finished.

Tell your story

Mojo Chat allows you to record a video, telling our physical therapy staff all about your condition. You can talk to them, point to the pain area, demonstrate the problem, and more. All this happens remotely, using just your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Your video input is merged together with your answers to the questions, allowing our physical therapy staff to collaborate and arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

Just $35 per case

Mojo Chat costs just $35 per case. Each case covers one injury, so if you have multiple injuries just create a separate case for each. For $35 you get a primary diagnosis and potentially a causative diagnosis as well. Considering that in-person care costs $110 for your first appointment and $65 for subsequent appointments, one Mojo Chat case for $35 can save you hundreds of dollars. You just need one case to get your diagnosis plus 14 days of home-based treatment. That’s an incredible savings!

Risk Free

Online physical therapy is an amazing new way to get treatment, but sometimes you may need to follow up with in-person care. If you need in-person care during your 14-day Mojo Chat treatment plan, we will start you with a $35 credit. This means Mojo Chat is entirely risk free.

14-day Treatment Plans

Most diagnoses include a 14-day treatment plan that includes exercises, stretches and self-care, icing instructions and rest instructions. All treatment plans are expertly created and carefully crafted to suit your diagnosis. Treatment plans are home-based and you can start treatment immediately upon receiving your diagnosis. In many cases your pain levels can be decreased on the first day of treatment, depending on scheduling that can be even quicker than in-person therapy.

Get Started Now

You can get started with Mojo Chat right now. To get started just click Create Account below. Customers who have been to our clinic in person already have an account, so if that’s you then click Sign In. After creating your account or signing in, the system will guide you through purchasing a case for $35.00. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us using this website or by calling our Front Desk.

Or Sign In if you are an existing customer