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We use the most advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine techniques available, treating all our customers like elite athletes. At Mojo SportClinic, we don’t just treat symptoms. We focus on diagnosing the root cause of injuries, aches and pains. When we understand the root cause, our treatments bring both immediate relief as well as lasting healing.

After diagnosis, we treat symptoms and address root causes to help you Get Better. While we get you better, we focus on implementing Active Healing, which means you will be able to continue training and performing your sport. We take the time to educate you about the bio-mechanical aspects of your injury, how your body works, and the demands that your sport places on your body. In most cases our customers are astounded to learn powerful principles of strength, endurance, balance, recovery and even sport-specific skills that they have never learned before.

After your injury is fully healed, at Mojo SportClinic we help you Go Beyond. We want you to experience true healing, not just a temporary fix. Going beyond your injury means building strength, power, endurance, balance and skills like you have never experienced before. We want you to get your Mojo back! Therefore, standard treatment at Mojo SportClinic includes healing your injuries, building strength and endurance, and then surpassing your previous levels of performance. This path is demonstrated to avoid the injury that brought you to Mojo SportClinic in the first place because you can now be stronger than your sport requires.